Smart investments in analog forestry are lucrative and there are many positive side effects, such as a fair income for local farmers and the rehabilitation of biodiversity. But the success of such investments is fully dependent on finding the right partners. Rich Forests therefore operates as matchmaker.

We help to make matches on several fronts. First of all, we link up companies that wish to produce fair and forest friendly products with experts who can support this. Where necessary we look for investors willing to invest in forest friendly companies. We also link up sponsors with small-scale projects that we believe in. 

Matchmaking between companies and experts

Rich Forests is looking for companies that produce or trade tropical agricultural and forest products and that wish to improve the sustainability of their value chains. We put these companies in touch with helpful experts such as soil or plant scientists, or specialists in the areas of analog forestry or certification.
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Matchmaking between sponsors and producers

Rich Forests makes matches between sponsors and small-scale producers with whom we have cooperated for years. They are successful local entrepreneurs whose businesses, with a little outside support, can grow into viable companies.
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Our current and previous matches

Can humanity afford to continue unabated with clearing tropical forests to make place for extensive monoculture plantations? We don’t think so. And there is no need to either. There are smarter ways of relating to the earth, and this is what Rich Forests is committed to. Have a look at our results so far.