A keen combination

Rich Forests is a keen combination of people, production, conservation and regeneration in tropical forests. The concept derives from thoughts of value. Can we go on fostering poverty, destroying the natural lungs of the earth and frustrating food security? What if we are able to create smarter ways to handle our natural heritage and the skills of the forest peoples. And what if we add our entrepreneurial spirit to that?

State of the art solutions

The possibilities are up for grabs: we know how to produce a large variety of natural high quality products, we know how to turn around forest degradation and we know how to connect your business to enriching forests and its peoples. Your company will connect to state of the art solutions to persistent problems of these times such as: poverty, climate change and declining biodiversity.


Rich Forests hosts a range of opportunities for engagement. Add genuine sustainable expansion to your business. Boost a local forest community by purchasing forest products, partner in agro-training or get involved in maintaining valuable handicrafts. Or participate in innovative land use. Invest in improving tropical landscapes and forests by sustainable plantation and production. Or back a local forest business. In short: join Rich Forests!